The day-to-day management of our Club is in the hands of an Executive Director, currently Alan Blinzler. The Executive Director oversees the finances, negotiates contracts, chairs bimonthly team managers and coaches meetings, sees that teams are properly entered in tournaments and leagues, attends league seeding meetings and serves as the Club’s registrar. The Executive Director is a voluntary job.

A Team Manger attends to each team’s administrative needs. The Team Manager communicates with the team members, coaches and club, collects monthly fees, collects paper work (USYSA Membership Form, Medical Release, Birth Certificates) needed for registration, arranges for guest players and travel permits for tournaments. Team Managers volunteer their time.

image19The Club has five Directors of Coaching. As a group, they collectively supervise the Coaches, establish a coaching curriculum, make decisions concerning retention of Coaches, help coaches develop appropriate programs and lessons used to develop players, make recommendations on tournaments, and assist in making decisions on matters such as whether players should play up in age. To accomplish their duties the Directors will visit team practices, games and attend meetings with coaches. The Club reimburses the expenses of the Directors of Coaching. Most decisions made by the Directors of Coaching are by consensus.

The coaches the Club uses are independent contractors and have no management function with the Club. They set their own pay scales when they offer private lessons or small group skills sessions.

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