We are a not-for-profit corporation. Our Club is organized as a Kansas non-profit corporation. Each year, around May 1, we prepare a budget for the upcoming year. The budget is premised on having a “zero balance” at the end of year.

Independent teams. The majority of our teams are independent and run their own finances.  We also offer a system that allows our coaches to go though the club fee structure, below.  Some of our independent teams will be less than the club fees shown below and others will be higher, depending on that team’s budget for the year.  Unfortunately we can not club scholarship players on teams that are independent. If you want to play for one of our great independent teams and feel that you are unable to afford the price. Many of them have a scholarship program in place for their teams. The best way to find out the cost of any of our teams is to contact the coach or manager of the team you are interested in.

Scholarships. Like many clubs, both for profit and not for profit, our club offers scholarships. Outside of coaches’ compensation, scholarships are our largest single expense item. It is the policy of the Club that no player should be denied the opportunity to play for a team in the Club because of personal finances. The Club will make scholarships available to deserving players based on financial need only. Many of our independent teams budget to allow to have players scholarship on their teams. Teams functioning inside of the club fee structure should have their team manager make requests for Club scholarships to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will review each application and make a recommendation and may, in his sole discretion, condition a scholarship grant on the performance of work by the player or his parents/guardians for the benefit of the Club. All financial information received by the Club and used in making any scholarship grant, including the recipients of any Scholarships, shall remain confidential.

Open Records. Our books and records, with the exception of the amounts paid by specific members and scholarship offers to specific families, are always open for inspection by our members and the public. Have a question? We will send you the spreadsheets. We believe that secrets are corrosive and eat away at the trust and confidence essential in an organization like our Club. As a result, we have no secrets when it comes to money.

Deficits. Our Club ordinarily runs a loss every year. This is due to our commitment to scholarship players and because we set a fixed fee in August for our members and absorb the risk of cost increases. We have, however, never failed to pay our bills or run into a cash shortage. Generous members have covered the difference between income and expenses in every year. If you would like to contribute to the Club or be a sponsor, please contact the Executive Director, Alan Blinzler at 913-488-3331.

Fixed Fees. We charge a fixed fee. The fee is broken into an up-front charge ($300 for 2012-2013) and a monthly component ($100 a month for eleven months starting July 1, with the last payment due May 1. We are increasing our fees this year due to increased costs for Leagues and Tournament. This is the first fee increase since the 2007-2008 year. We moved to a fixed fee years ago to help our parents in budgeting and paying their fees. You know the costs ahead of time and that you are not obligated for more.

Optional Fees. The fixed fee covers planned outdoor leagues fees, player registration, coaches’ fees, selected tournaments, coaches’ travel expenses to approved tournaments, coaches’ education fees, equipment, practice field rental, friendlies, administrative fees (web page hosting, postage, etc.), and one indoor winter session. It does not cover uniform cost, extra tournaments, indoor practice field rental, or a second indoor winter session. Teams may elected to do these additional activities, but they are optional and only charged to the players who participate.

Uniforms. The Club has a multi year Agreement with Adidas and Soccer Master. As part of our Agreement, we have received a discount on the purchase of uniforms and apparel. We pass this discount on directly to our members. We only require that our members purchase two jerseys, shorts and socks, the price of which currently totals about $100. Parents and players who wish may purchase additional apparel, such as warmups, coats, and equipment bags at a similar discount.


It is also helpful to compare costs with other Clubs that compete on the same competitive level. When you add in ALL of their costs (they often quote a basic fee that only includes registration and League fees, omitting the costs of tournaments, coaching fees, required indoor/futsal play, etc.) our fees are hundreds of dollars less. Below is a list of what area clubs are and how they compare to some of our teams.

These costs for each team in a club can vary but these are the costs mentioned on websites and from parents who have played for these clubs. The Real price will also include cost of travel and fees not included in the budgeted price.

Quoted Price and Actual Cost of what parents paid*:

Kansas City United 00/01 Girls – $650 – Quoted cost /$750 U13 Rangers Cost  /$1277  U13 Attack Cost
(Quoted price Includes everything but uniforms which run about $100 every 2 years. Total Parent costs include Hotel and travel and uniforms. The Rangers do not travel and will not have these additional fees.) For more information visit their website here.

Kansas City United Soccer Club – $1400 – Quoted cost /$1500 Roughly the cost of KCU teams that are inside of the club structure.
(Kansas City United Soccer Club Quoted price of a team if the team has a paid coach. This includes everything but a uniform which usually runs about $100 every 2 years. Actual cost is for a team that didn’t travel and includes uniforms.)

Kansas Rush Soccer Club – $1015 – Quoted cost /$1940 Roughly the cost of the Boys U11 traveling team.
(Quoted price doesn’t include tournaments or uniforms. Actual cost includes tournaments, travel, winter practices, Winter indoors and uniform, which are not included in the quoted price)

KC Legends Soccer Club
– $1159 – Quoted cost /$1849 Roughly the cost for the U9 Girls team that didn’t travel.
(Quoted Price doesn’t include League fees, Tournament Fees, practice fees, Indoor fees or Uniforms. Uniforms cost $153 every two years. Actual cost includes Uniforms, Tournaments, Indoor fees, Club fees, practice fees.)

Sporting Blue Valley – Not Mentioned – Quoted cost/
(They don’t quote a price publicly. It has been mentioned on their ENCL teams that family’s have paid near $10,000 a season when you include travel expenses)

Toca Soccer Club – $1269.07 – Quoted cost /$1600 Was roughly the cost of the U9 boys team that didn’t travel.
(Quoted Price is said to include everything but uniforms. If a coach wants to do more tournaments than what is budgeted or have additional practices or games this will increase the cost.)

KC Comets – Not Mentioned – Quoted cost /$1480 Roughly the cost of U12 Girls team that doesn’t travel.
(KC Comets do not publicly list a price. The actual price includes coaching fees, club fees, league fees, Indoor fees, tournament fees, practice fees and uniforms. )

OPSC – $430 – Quoted cost /$725 Roughly the cost on the U13 boys team that doesn’t travel.
(This doesn’t include coaching fees, Tournaments, Indoor Practice fields or Winter league play. All it includes the cost of Fall, Spring at heartland and a Uniform cost of $140. Actual cost can very greatly between the teams and coaches. The posted actual cost also included winter practices, 3 tournaments and indoors along with the base cost.)

Puma FC – Not Mentioned – Quoted cost/
(They do not publicly quote a cost)

Blaze Soccer Club – Not Mentioned – Quoted cost /$1780 Was roughly the cost of the U13 Girls traveling team
(They do not publicly quote a cost, The Actual cost is $140 a month plus a club fee and travel costs, the Blaze summer league and uniforms.)

Metro United Fusion – $720- $1050 – Quoted cost /
(Uniforms are not included and cost $171 every 2 years. Tournaments, Indoor practice and Winter league costs are also not included.)

*The above actual costs are what actual parents have paid in the 2013/2014 year.

Most Club structure is you pay a monthly coaching fee and usually a one time club fee. Then if the coach wants to play indoors, practice inside, and do tournaments are all additional fees, often last minute.

Tournaments for U13-U14 average $675 a tournament. High School age tournaments and some U13-14 tournaments are more expensive and are about $875-$2,000 based on the prestige and number of college coaches attending the tournaments. Indoor costs range from $450-$1100 depending on where your coach decides to play over the winter. Winter Practice Facilities run anywhere from $875-$2400.

Also if you are on a traveling team coaches meals and rooms often are paid for by the team’s parents. This cost is rarely mentioned but included in the price you pay when you do out of town tournaments or travel. Like with tournaments and winter expenses, this expense is not something mentioned until the last minute. You should ask about these expenses and make sure you know what to expect before joining a team.

Cost for Hotel rooms vary greatly as does the cost for travel. These costs are not included on any of the quoted budgets because they are difficult to determine a head of time. When factoring in costs you should also look into how often the team travels and how far. Parents often work together to cut down travel costs by traveling and staying together. When the teams are in high school parents travel less and teams usually have chaperones and have players stay 4 to a room and share rides. If a team is required to fly to a location the cost can quickly increase.

High School Team costs:
High School age teams are often quoted less than younger teams because they only have an operating cost of 2/3 of the year. Most Clubs quote High School teams at about $875-$1100. The majority of the quoted price is club fees and coaching fees. These prices don’t typically include tournaments, winter league play or indoor practices. Tournaments in high school as mentioned are about 30%-300% more expensive, and in high school you usually do the same number of tournaments as a younger team just over a shorter period of time. The cost in high school could be slightly less depending on the team you are playing for but the highest level teams usually spend the same as the younger ages or more. This is because the savings you save from having one less league cost is usually equaled or less than the cost of the high school age tournaments and travel. High school teams typically travel more than younger teams.


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