Kansas City United’s Latest Results

Mid Spring 2015 Season update

League Standings 4/15/2015

Kansas City United U8 Boys Attack

The U8 Boys Attack currently undefeated (2-0) with 22 goals for and 5 against in Heartland.

Kansas City United U13 Boys Alliance

The U13 boys are currently undefeated (4-0) with 18 goals for and 1 against.

Kansas City United U16 Boys Rangers Navy

The U16 boys are currently in first (2-0-1) of U16 Division 1 and of MRL First Division.

Kansas City United U18 Boys Azzurri

Are currently in first (2-0-1) in the U19 division of Heartland.

Kansas City United U14 Girls Attack

The U14 girls are currently in second 2-1-1 in league.

Other Great Results from Kansas City United teams this spring

Kansas City United U16 Boys Rangers Navy

Champions Cup U16 Gold – Champs

Kansas City United U12 Girls Bolt

Emerald Cup – Finalists

Notes from Editor:

We have many teams playing up a year and doing MRL. We as a club strive to not only win our leagues but to play against the strongest teams and constantly improve our teams to the highest levels.

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