Is it possible to prevent serious injurys? Yes.

Many times you hear that getting hurt is part of sports. Scraps and bruises probably. In contact sports it is possible to prevent broken bones, concussions and other serious injury. Much of it has to do with how you train, building up strong muscles and stretching. Less focused on and probably the most important is vision. Being able to anticipate and predict the contact and how to react to it. There is only one place in the united states that works with youth athletes, to do just that. At 68 inside sports, Kansas City United has partnered with Travis Worley to work with our players, to not just build our players core strength, verticals, speed, agility and flexibility but also their vision.   I recommend Travis and his personal training to all players looking to not only improve in strength and speed but also allow them to keep playing and prevent injury.  More information about Travis and his Pure Vision training can be found here: See you all on the field.

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