RSVP for ACL tears Prevention and Return discussion

The Kansas City Orthopedic Institute is presenting a discussion on ACL Tears in the female Athlete: From Injury to Return to Sport. Numerous research studies that have been conducted over the past 10 years indicate that females are indeed more susceptible to ACL injuries; most studies report that females are 4-8 times more likely to tear this ligament. It all takes place at the Meadowbrook Country Club, 9101 Nall Ave. Prairie Village KS. on June 25th from 6-8pm. To RSVP for the event call 913-253-8980 by June 20th.  The Speakers will be Stanley Bowling, MD, Mark Rasmussen, MD, Jason Brinkman, MPT and David Milroy MSPT. To learn more about ACL tears and returning to the sport, make sure to attend the discussion on June 25th. For information on some causes as to why and ways to prevent ACL tears you can also visit this post on US youth soccer: ACL Injury and the Female Soccer Player.

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