Pre-Tryout Camps? What are they and should my child attend

Should my child do a pre-tryout camp? Clubs are once again advertising pre-tryout camps next week. Club ran pre-tryout camps are against KSYSA rules unless they have permission from your current coach to attend. That said many clubs and coaches have pre-tryout camps with players attending without permission. If you are planning to attend any camp this summer, I would also let your current coach know what camps you are attending. On the same note if you are planning to leave your current team for another team I would let your current coach know prior to tryouts. Most coaches in our club and in other clubs have end of the season meeting with everyone. At these meetings the coach should let you also know prior to tryouts, where they see your child for next season.

Pre-tryout camps are used by coaches to identify potential players prior to tryouts. Some teams and clubs may even offer spots for next year at the pre-tryout camp. As mentioned talk to your current coach and let them know your plans. If you do plan on trying out for another team next year, being seen by that coach prior to tryouts can be beneficial. Many coaches prior to tryouts have already been watching games and identifying players all year long and often also have been talking and offering spots to players. I would call the coach of the team your child is wanting to tryout for prior to the first training with that coach. Remember to be in accordance to the rule you must have your current coaches permission to be able to train with another club or coach prior to tryouts.

Most clubs and coaches outside of the three big clubs in the area are very accommodating to players, practicing and playing with other teams. Due to the rules, our club does not offer a club wide Pre-Tryout camp. If your are going to miss tryouts and wish to be seen by a Kansas City United coach prior to tryouts, call the Kansas City United coach of the team you wish to play for. If you are going to be training with them prior to the scheduled tryouts next Saturday, make sure to have permission from your current coach.  As, always I recommend to players if they are happy where they are then they should stay, it isn’t always greener on the other side. Good luck to all the players, parents and coaches this tryout season.

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