The Kansas City United Philosophy, How we have been so successful for so long.

As rec and premier soccer is coming to a close many young parents and kids might be thinking to move to competitive soccer or a different club. There are many clubs to choose from in the KC Metro. On the Kansas side you have 3 large clubs with rec programs, that feed into their competitive programs. These clubs are Rush, Sporting Blue Valley and Metro United/Fusion. Then there are dozens of smaller clubs in the area. Some of the clubs that have been around longer are Kansas City United, the KC Comets, KC Legends and the KC Blaze. Some newer clubs have come up in resent years. These clubs are Puma FC, Toca and FCKC. Then you have many more independent teams that are not part of a larger club.

Every club and team has a different philosophy toward competitive soccer. Kansas City United we have a different model than other clubs in town. We take pride in that we develop great players for good teams. At the youngest ages we will work heavily on individual skills. These include passing, dribbling and shooting. This often times will result in poor results in the game, as we ask the players to take risks. As they are learning each risk can easily turn into a goal against.  As the team ages we continue to work on the individual skills but start to transition into more tactical aspects of the game. We work on each playing being able to play all positions on the field.  It is important that even though a player might be better as a forward, than defender, that they also understand the principles of defense and able to play other positions on the field.  Many players start off playing one position in club and then in college are playing a different position. Because we welcome risk taking and learning from mistakes we don’t punish players for taking risks and making mistakes. Our coaches are intense and want the players to play with intensity but we are not focused at the younger ages on winning at all cost.

Our club has a policy that we encourage players to play more than one sport and if they have the opportunity to play on more than one team. We ask players to make soccer their first sport. It has been studied that players who play more than one sport often are stronger players in the sport that the choose to play as they are older. We also, feel as a club that players who want to and have the ability to play on more than one team should. The more touches you have on a ball the better you will become. We ask that if you are playing with another team that our team is your primary team.

Kansas City United is the areas oldest independent premier club in Kansas City. Of other clubs that don’t have a rec program we are one of the most successful. There are other clubs that have been around as long and some who can say even longer. What being an independent club means is that each of our teams runs independent of each other. We work together as a club but our coaches and teams are free to play in any tournament or do any league they wish to do. This allows coaches and teams the freedoms to do what is best for there team. When it comes to cost for the club each teams cost can very because of the freedoms that we allow our coaches and teams. To find out the cost of a team you are interested in, contact the coach of that team. Most of our teams range in cost from $400 – $1400. You will find that most clubs are similar or much more in cost than what our club is. This independence of each team but having the support of other coaches and the club is what has allowed Kansas City United to be more successful and last longer than other clubs. If you have any questions about our club and our history, contact Alan Blinzler one of the original founders. Find out more about our mission and philosophy.

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