00/01 Girls Attack Team Page

KCU 00/01 Girls

Coach – Jason Farmer/Adam Blinzler


Team Website
Player Profiles

Contact: Coach Adam Blinzler
Contact: Coach Jason Farmer

U14 2014/2015 Plans:

MRL in the Fall
Heartland U15 D3
Graceland University Friendlies
1-2 Tournaments in the Fall
Outdoor Winter League
MRL in the Spring
Heartland D2 or D1
1-2 Tournaments in the Spring
State Cup


U13 – 2013/2014 Season
MRL in the Fall and Spring
2nd – Winter Outdoor League

U12 – 2012/2013 Season
Champions KUSL Futsal
Co-Champions in Spring Heartland U13 playing up a year
State Cup Quarter Finalist

U11 – 2011/2012 Season
Second place in All-American Indoor Sports U12 Select division

U10 – 2010/2011 Season
Champions Simply Soccer Indoor U10/11 League, Session I

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