New Teams Joining Kansas City United

Every year we grow our club by adding new teams and quality coaches. Please welcome to our club these new teams and coach.

This year we are glad to bring in Robbie Chowning as a coach. He has his U12 02/03 Boys Fireballz, U12 02/03 Girls Fireballz and his   U16 98/99 Girls Fireballz. He will also be helping out with the 00/01 Girls teams and starting a new U8 06/07 Girls Attack team with Adam Blinzler. Robbie also is an additional goalie coach for the club.

This year as with ever year we start new teams at the youngest ages. This year we are starting 5 new teams. On the boys side we will have 3 new teams. a U9 05/06 Attack team (Third Graders) and a U8 06/07 Attack  team (Second Graders) coached by Emilio John. Along with a U7 07/08 Gunners boys team (First Graders) coached by Adam Blinzler. The girls will be starting 2 new teams this year at the younger ages. We will have a U9 05/06 Harrisonville  girls team coached by Nicole Ortiz, and a U8 06/07 Attack  girls team coached by Adam Blinzler and Robbie Chowning.

Our club being a small club, we build our teams from word of mouth. If you know of someone who is looking for a team, have them contact the coach. Come train with the best.

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