Ten teams from the Club competed in the Winter Magic Indoor Tournament, the largest such event in the Midwest.  Four teams advanced to the finals with three securing the Championship.

The U14 Kansas City United Rangers Girls, coached by Doug Miller, competed in the U15 Girls Gold Division, going undefeated and untied, besting a year-older Harambie team, 3-2, in the final.

The U18 Kansas City United Metros Girls, coached by Tait Einerson, also playing a year up in the U19 Gold Division went undefeated and untied, defeating the KCFC Ice, 7-1, to win the Championship.

The U11 Kansas City United Kemistry Boys, coached by Kem Thomas, won their final, 4-0, over the Elkhorn La Masia side. The U14 Kansas City United Academy Boys fell a goal shy, losing in the final, 5-4, to the Legacy Strikers Chivas.

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