Kansas City United’s Philosophy

Our Is to develop strong youth players mentally, technically and tactically both on and off the soccer field, creating the opportunity to play at the higher levels and a love of the game that will last a lifetime.

Because we exist to develop players we believe the individual comes first.  We push our players to play at the highest level that they wish to play. We often take players and teams from lower levels, of local league play. To playing at the highest levels locally and able to play competitively on a regional level. Currently our U16 girls and U14 girls all started out playing at the bottom levels of Heartland at U11 and now are playing MRL. Our U17 girls are playing at a national level often making it to the semi-finals or finals of Regional’s.

Soccer is fundamentally a player’s game – they control the game and the player’s needs come before the coaches’ and the parents’.  We encourage players to become leaders.  This means they must learn to take risks and in the process will make mistakes.  We do not criticize taking risks or players for making mistakes.  We believe we should embrace these as opportunities for players to become greater.

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