With the end of League play in early June, a number of Kansas City United Teams are at the top of ledger in their divisions. Here is a list of teams in first, second place, third place, or who were playing up in age:

Team Coach Final League Record
U8 Boys, Kemistry Kem Thomas 4th Place, U9 Division 4, 5-3
U9 Boys, Spirit Shaun Slack 3rd Place, U10 Division 2, 5-3
U10 Boys, Attack Jimmy Perez 3rd Place, U10 Division 1, 3-4-1
U11 Boys, Rangers Jimmy Perez 2nd Place, U11 Division 1, 4-2-2
U11 Boys, Santa Fe Dalio Mercado 6th Place, U12 Division 3, 2-3-3
U12 Boys, Attack Dalio Mercado 3rd Place, U12 Division 1, 4-3-1
U13 Boys, Brass Kem Thomas 1st Place, U13, Division 2, 6-2
U13 Boys, Galaxy Jim Schwab 5th Place (out of ten), U13, Division 1, 3-3-2
U14 Boys, Rangers Kem Thomas 1st Place, U14 Division 2, 6-1-1
U14 Boys, Attack Kem Thomas 3rd Place, U14 Division 4, 6-1-1
U16 Boys, United Emilio John Tied for 1st, U16 Division 1, 6-2
U13 Girls, Rangers Doug Miller Tied for 1st, U14/15 Division 1, 6-2

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