We need ball boys and girls on June 1, and 4, for the Kansas City Brass game.  I would appreciate it your child helping.  Both games start at 7:30 pm at the Overland Park Soccer Complex on Field 1.  Every year three to four players from the Brass go on to play professional soccer.  The Brass is made up of U23 players who grew up in Kansas City or attend College here.
Here is the remaining Brass schedule after June 4:

Wednesday, June 8 vs. Springfield Demize
Wednesday, July 13 vs. St. Louis Lions
Friday, July 15 vs. Real Colorado Foxes
Saturday, July 16 vs. Real Colorado Foxes

Last week the Brass beat the Des Moines Menace 2-1 in a very close game.  Des Moines is returning this week from a rematch.
While the children are being ball boys and girls, you can sit and watch for free some truly top-level soccer.  Earlier this year you may recall the Brass defeated KC Sporting in a friendly when Chad Ochocinco was trying out for Sporting.

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